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Which is better,fiber patch cable LC or SC?

Which is better,fiber patch cable  LC or SC?

zhubinyan |

Size and connection method:LC connector: usually smaller, suitable for high-density fiber connection, using guide pin insertion method.SC connector: larger size, simple to use, usually plug and play connection, no guide pin.Fiber alignment requirements:LC connector: due to the small size, the connection of fiber alignment requirements are higher to ensure the quality of the connection.SC connector: relatively low requirements for fiber alignment because of the larger size.Application Scenario:SC connectors: more common in home users, such as optical cats using SC interfaces, the market is larger.LC connectors: more applications in the server room, wiring closet, such as switches, routers end, but the demand is more niche.
Price:LC connector: usually higher price, because it is a double core connector.SC connector: relatively low price.In summary, the choice of LC or SC connectors should be based on specific needs and equipment. If a high density fiber optic connection is required and the quality of the connection is high, LC connectors may be a better choice. If the equipment is easy to use and cost sensitive, SC connectors may be more suitable. SC connectors are more common among home users, while LC connectors may be more commonly used in server rooms and data centers. VANDESAIL - Accelerating the world with technology.