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OM3 LC to LC fiber optic patch cord is a cornerstone in contemporary optical networks, bridging the gap between high-speed data requirements and infrastructure capabilities. Equipped with high-quality LC connectors on both ends, this patch cord is tailored for precision and minimal signal loss, ensuring an optimal performance that is particularly vital for bandwidth-intensive applications. With its 50/125 µm multimode fiber, the OM3 LC to LC patch cable is laser-optimized to support data transmission rates of 10 Gbps, with an effective reach of up to 300 meters, making it highly suitable for large-scale data networks such as those found in enterprise buildings, data centers, and storage area networks. The aqua-colored jacket not only marks the OM3 standard but also facilitates quick visual identification among a plethora of cables, streamlining network management and maintenance. Built to accommodate the high-density and high-throughput environment of modern networks, the OM3 LC to LC patch cord is a resilient and future-proof choice that ensures consistent, high-quality connections for advanced telecommunications and data communication networks.

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