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What is the difference between OM3 and OM4 fiber optic patch cords?

zhubinyan |

Do wiring project, you can see not multiple different colors of fiber optic patch cords, for example: lake blue is generally OM3, rose red is generally OM4, what is the difference between them?1, OM3 fiber optic 10 Gigabit transmission distance can be up to 300m, 2, OM4 is the upgraded version of the OM3 multimode fiber optic, fiber optic transmission distance can be up to 550m, 3, OM3, OM4 with a flame-retardant sheath, which can Prevent the spread of flame, prevent the emission of smoke, acidic gases and toxic gases, etc., can meet the needs of 10gb/s transmission rate; OM4 in OM3 on the basis of re-optimization, with better performance.VANDESAIL - Accelerating the world with technology.