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What are the differences between 10G, 40G, and 100G optical modules?

zhubinyan |



10G, 40G, 100G optical modules have the following three kinds of differences. 1, the interface is different. 10G optical module interface is generally LC interface, supporting the use of LC fiber optic patch cable. 40G, 100G optical module interface most of the use of MPO interfaces, supporting the MPO fiber optic patch cord. 2, encapsulation type is different, 10G is generally used in the SFP package, 40G is generally QSFP + package, 100G is generally used in the QSFP28 or CFP package. 3, the use of different scenarios. 10G support for short- and long-distance connection, so the general use of 10G optical modules in the server room, 40G module for storage networks more, 100G in the core network or involving cloud computing, the need for high-capacity data transmission and high-speed connectivity in the field.
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