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Do you know the structural characteristics of MPO fiber optic patch cords?

zhubinyan |

MPO fiber optic connectors contain optical fiber, sheath, coupling assembly, metal ring, pin, dust cap, etc., and the pin part is divided into two forms: male and female. The male connector has two PIN pins, while the female connector does not. MPO connectors are connected through the PIN pins for precise alignment. When mating the connectors, a spring mounted on the end of the insert provides a push on the insert to lock it to the adapter. On one side of the connector body there is a "key" with a "bump" to limit the relative position of the connectors, i.e. P1, P2, etc. The connector body has a "key" on the side of the connector body called a "key". On the side of the connector body, there is a mark called "white dot", which is used to specify the insertion side of the connector.VANDESAIL - Accelerating the world with technology.