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SC apc

SC apc

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OS2 SC-APC to SC-APC fiber optic cable is a high-performance, single-mode cable designed for advanced telecommunications and data networking. This cable features SC-APC (Subscriber Connector - Angled Physical Contact) connectors on both ends, renowned for their low back reflection and high precision. The angled end-face of the connectors ensures optimal signal integrity by reducing light reflection back into the fiber, which is crucial for maintaining the quality of the signal over long distances.

With a core diameter of 9/125 µm, the OS2 SC-APC to SC-APC cable is tailored for long-haul transmissions, offering exceptional performance for distances that can span well over 100 kilometers. This makes it an ideal choice for backbone installations in large networks, such as metropolitan area networks (MANs), campus networks, and as part of the infrastructure for internet service providers.

The robust design of this cable ensures minimal insertion loss and high durability, making it suitable for outdoor installations and challenging environments. Its excellent resistance to environmental factors and electromagnetic interference makes it a reliable choice for critical and high-stakes data transmission needs. The OS2 SC-APC to SC-APC cable is a testament to advanced fiber optic technology, providing a stable, efficient, and high-capacity communication pathway for modern networking demands.

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