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OM3 LC to SC fiber optic patch cord is a critical component in modern optical communication networks, designed to seamlessly connect devices and infrastructure that require high-bandwidth and low-latency data transfer. Featuring a high-quality LC connector on one end and an SC connector on the other, this patch cord provides versatility for interfacing with different types of equipment. The OM3 standard indicates that this cable is optimized for laser-driven data transmission, capable of supporting 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications over distances up to 300 meters. The 50/125 µm multimode fiber ensures multiple modes of data can be transmitted efficiently, making this cable ideal for complex network setups like those in educational institutions, corporate data centers, and large-scale commercial IT networks. The distinctive aqua-colored jacket not only helps in identifying the cable type at a glance but also signifies compliance with the OM3 performance criteria. Robust and reliable, the OM3 LC to SC patch cord is engineered to facilitate high-speed data communications while maintaining signal integrity across diverse networking environments.
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